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Myrt and Marge

Myrt and Marge's opening melodramatic organ chords set the tone for one of the earliest and most successful radio soap operas. The 15-minute serial premiered on CBS Nov. 2, 1931 for a 6-year-long run on weeknights. It was almost an instantaneous ratings hit. In 1937, it moved to daytime where it was sponsored by Super Suds. In 1939, it was heard on both CBS and Mutual Broadcasting System, and then went into syndication in 1947.

The performers had a back story with nearly as many fascinating twists and turns as the shows' scripts. In real life, Myrtle Vail had a tough childhood, and left home when she was just a young girl to join a vaudeville troupe. When she was 43 years old, Vail created Myrt and Marge, and fashioned the characters and stories after her own experiences in theater life.

Vail purposefully dubbed the two lead characters with the last names, "Spear" and "Minter" so that she could market it to Wrigley's Gum because their most popular flavor was spearmint. The company became the sponsor even though it had never backed a radio show before. The two main characters, Myrt and Marge were played by Vail and her real-life daughter, Donna Damerel.

There are 112 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Audition Story Of Two Chorus Dancers November 2, 1931
Myrt Marge Plan To Open Theater December 27, 1937
Jimmy Visits Marge September 21, 1939
Myrt And Marge April 1, 1946
Marge Gets A Job April 2, 1946
Myrt Has Her First Fitting April 3, 1946
Myrt Marge Eat At Mama Mias April 4, 1946
Marge's Brother Jimmy Shows Up April 5, 1946
Marge Tells Myrt About Her Background April 8, 1946
Myrt Helps Marge With Make-up April 9, 1946
Opening Night April 10, 1946
The Morning After April 11, 1946
Marge Talks To Jimmy April 12, 1946
Farewell Party For Anne April 15, 1946
Marge Disappears April 16, 1946
Marge Kidnapped By Houston Gang April 17, 1946
Jack And Ray Lead Raid On The Red Rooster April 18, 1946
Rescuing Marge April 19, 1946
Marge Moves In With Myrt April 22, 1946
Jimmy Going Home April 23, 1946
Billie De Vers Raises Questions April 24, 1946
Tabloid Picture Of Marge April 25, 1946
Marge Dances In Place Of Marge April 26, 1946
Ray Says He Loves Marge April 29, 1946
Myrt Discovers That Ray Is Married April 30, 1946

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